A shibari performance by Hikari Kesho at Vecchiato Arte

This is a short performance by Hikari Kesho in front of an audience in an art gallery,  Vecchiato Arte. Hikari Kesho is a famous Italian fashion photographer, and an excellent shibari rigger. He regularly creates works of art with his models and the help of shibari rigging.

In this video he combines shibari performance art with the creation of a work of art, a living sculpture.

Enjoy the video after the break.


Model: Mirva Akai Hana
Rigger: Hikari Kesho

You can see more of Hikari Kesho’s work on Vimeo and his website.

The website for Vecchiato Arte is here.


Alberto Lisi, aka Hikari Kesho, was one of the artists who participated in the Art of Contemporary Shibari Exhibit in 2012.  This exhibit was and still is (now Feb 2017) the largest exhibit of contemporary shibari art in the world.  You can see Hikari Kesho’s works of art in the exhibit here.

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