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The Art of Contemporary Shibari Exhibit installation at Mother Dog Studios

The Art of Contemporary Shibari Exhibit is the largest display of shibari art in a gallery setting in the world.  This exhibit is hosted by Mother Dog Studios and is part of the Fotofest 2012 Biennial activities.

Here are some pictures of its installation. Continue reading

MaillerPhong presents “Effortless”

This very nice black and white photograph features a very pretty nude model leaning against a wall, illuminated by natural light from a window.  This pose and lighting is not uncommon for many fine art photographers.   But, this image contains the addition of nice rope decoration on the model constructed with shibari techniques.  The artist, MaillerPhong, has demonstrated time and time again his unique and special ability to construct intricate and beautiful rope patterns on his gorgeous models.  He creates images that move beyond typical fine art photographs. Continue reading

MaillerPhong presents “Aglow”

One aspect of shibari art that makes it so attractive is the geometry and contrast of the rope against the smooth lines and texture of a beautiful model’s body.  Look at the excellent decorative ropework on this beautiful model in this very nice photograph.  This is an example of the continual evolution in contemporary shibari.  This is art. Continue reading