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Sinical Magazine Article

Ms Misha Moore wrote a nice review of the Art of Contemporary Shibari Exhibit for Sinical Magazine.  Read the article here.

(Lew Rubens and Lisa viewing some of the art exhibited by Hikari Kesho. Photo courtesy of Ms. Misha Moore.)

Ginger Sin at the Art of Contemporary Shibari Exhibit

We had a great time during the Opening weekend for the Art of Contemporary Shibari Exhibit in Houston. I rigged Ginger Sin with helpful suggestions by Lew Rubens. CapturedErotica photographed this image. These are absolutely wonderful people to work with and have as friends. I’m blessed. Continue reading

The Art of Contemporary Shibari Exhibit installation at Mother Dog Studios

The Art of Contemporary Shibari Exhibit is the largest display of shibari art in a gallery setting in the world.  This exhibit is hosted by Mother Dog Studios and is part of the Fotofest 2012 Biennial activities.

Here are some pictures of its installation. Continue reading

A gathering of artists –

An international group of 17 world class shibari riggers and photographers sent 159 prints to Mother Dog Studios for this exhibit, which makes it the largest gallery exhibit of Contemporary Shibari Art in the world.  Many of the prints in this exhibit are larger than life. Continue reading

DoctorZ presents “Ballet Dancer”

Sometimes, a ballet theme is used by riggers and models in creating their shibari art.  This is a slideshow video I created with images from a ballet and light sculpture shoot Jamie S and I did together at Mother Dog Studios in the summer of 2011.  The images in this video are not traditional shibari images.  They are some of our interpretations of contemporary shibari art. Continue reading

DoctorZ presents “shibariSCAPE Abstract L”

This is not a classic shibari image.  Both bodyscape and abstract images are two of my favorite styles in fine art and creative photography.  In this photograph, I’ve included shibari rigging along with a bodyscape, and focused lighting to create an abstract type image.  My very attractive and talented model, Lisa, has helped me create contemporary shibari art. Continue reading

DoctorZ presents “Ghost Shibari”

This image was created by using shibari techniques to simultaneously suspend two beautiful models.  Then, the ropes were removed in post processing.   This is another example of the fun we can have with shibari.  We call this technique, “Ghost Shibari”.  These two beautiful models appear to be suspended with no visible support in this very attractive photograph. Continue reading

DoctorZ presents “Shibari Ballet”

This shibari ballet themed photograph was captured with sequential flashes in a singe exposure.  The result shows a composite of multiple images of a beautiful ballet dancer and shibari model outlined in a light sculpture effect.   Most people’s reaction when viewing this unusual print is … “very cool.” Continue reading