Mother Dog Studios

Mother Dog Studios is the largest and oldest surviving artists working warehouse space in Houston. Founded in 1984 by Charlie Jean Sartwelle and John Runnels, Mother Dog Studios was a response to the visual arts communities need to provide working studio/exhibition space for local and visiting artists. It is a 22,000 square foot warehouse with 16 studios and an expansive exhibition space called the Mother Dog Museum of Modern Art.”


 Annual Houston Art Crawl

Mother Dog Studios sponsors the annual Houston Art Crawl.  For the 18th annual Art Crawl in 2010, “over one hundred eighty artists and art organizations (were) involved!”

“Since 1992, the tradition of the artists “open studios” takes place on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Visitors have the opportunity to pARTicipate in the live/work/show spaces of these neighborhood”urban pioneers”. The mission of the ARTCRAWL is to assist the public in understanding contemporary art by directly involving the visitors in a dialogue with local artists in the Artist Warehouse District of Downtown Houston.”


Fotofest Biennial Participating Venue

Mother Dog Studios was one of the multiple venues participating in the Fotofest 2010 Biennial and previous Fotofest Biennials.


Map: Mother Dog Studios at 720 Walnut St. Houston, Texas

Map: Location of Mother Dog Studios with respect to Fotofest International

  • “A” designates Fotofest International at 1113 Vine St, Houston, Texas
  • “B” designate Mother Dog Studios at 720 Walnut St, Houston Texas


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