Art of Contemporary Shibari Exhibit

Mother Dog Studios


The Art of Contemporary Shibari is a multi-media exhibit including still photography, video, and live performance art by Photographers, Riggers and Models for the Fotofest 2012 Biennial.

SHIBARI (Kinkabu) describes an ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage. The Art of Contemporary Shibari exhibit continues the centuries old tradition of displaying Shibari art, beginning with ancient Japanese wood carvings and drawings and continuing with modern still photography and video.

This international, increasingly popular, sometimes shocking and mysterious activity of binding the human body, usually women, has a long history that continues the aesthetic pursuit of creating patterns with rope that contrast beautifully with the human body’s natural curves, and induces physiological conditions known as “sub space” and “top space”. These physiological effects are similar to the “runners high” experienced by athletes, and the term “rope drunk” is sometimes affectionately used to describe the euphoric condition of the model after a Shibari experience.

The Art of Contemporary Shibari Photographers, Riggers, and Models are a world class group of selected artists. The public is invited to bring their cameras to pARTicipate in this visually binding opportunity and discuss this art form with these very accomplished artists.


The Art of Contemporary Shibari Exhibit is a photography friendly event.  There will be nudity and shibari positions in the artwork, and there may be partial nudity during the Live Performances at the Opening Receptions, and there may be full nudity during the Live Performances during the Special Performance Events. If you are concerned about having your photograph taken in these events, please be particularly mindful of this beforehand and plan your attendance accordingly.


The Artists