Chi Lum

Rue99 Studios
San Francisco, California, United States

Chi’s evocative images range from the subtly erotic to highly provocative. Regardless of the subject, Chi distills the essence of what’s portrayed to make it more accessible to viewers of all backgrounds. In his words:

“By suspending notions of what’s acceptable and approaching everything with an open mind, I find beauty in a wide variety of things, from the boldest to the most intimate. I’m excited when my work opens people’s minds because they’ve seen something in a way that drastically differs from their preconceptions. ”

Chi’s work has been featured in national exhibitions, published internationally, and garnered awards at SEAF and other venues. Most of his images are shot in his studios in San Francisco or Redwood City, and on location in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Fiery Blond Flame








Twine Puppet Ivy








Shibari #1 Red








Pulling Her Foot