A Shibari Performance by Andrea Ropes & Ishemia at MoscowKnot 2015

Andrea Ropes is an Italian rigger who has studied with Japanese Masters, and has adopted the Japanese style of shibari rigging into his performances.  He now is a professional shibari rigger and performer, who travels around Italy and Europe, teaching workshops and doing performances.

This video is one of his performances at MoscowKnot 2015.


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A Shibari Performance by Wildties & Redsabbath at LFRA 2015

This performance by Wildties and Redsabbath at the London Festival of Rope Art in 2015, reflects the change in style they have adopted since their early performances.  They now incorporate more of a Japanese Shibari Style in their routines.  This change includes more “use of ropes as a means of aesthetic erotic torture”. 

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A Shibari Performance by Wildties and Redsabbath at LFAJRB 2012

According to Riccardo Wildties, he and Redsabbath have changed their shibari style since this performance at the London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage in 2012.  He  has studied with Japanese masters and since this performance has adopted more of a Japanese style shibari into their routines.  However, I can see Japanese shibari influence in this performance.  Can you?

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Cannon and Tifereth perform “Kiki’s Delivery Service” – a shibari performance

People all over the world have fun with shibari in different ways.  Some like to replicate Japanese style rigging — with fast and loose ropework, asymmetrical and uncomfortable positions.  Some like slower and more precise ropework and an intimate connection between rigger and model.  Some like to use shibari as part of a BDSM scene.  some use shibari as a sexual aid.  Some prefer to use ropes to help the rigger and model create a living sculpture.  And, some like to perform in front of an audience.

In this video, Cannon and Tifereth are having fun with shibari doing a comical skit in a performance before an audience in Toronto Canada.  You can enjoy their skit too, by watching the video after the break. Continue reading

Shibari performance – 90 second audition film by deGiotto

DeGiotto was invited to audition for a TV show and music video.  He and his model, Elise, filmed this short video showing them just having fun with a very brief (90 second) shibari suspension.

DeGiotto used no special harnesses or special ties.  The primary support in this suspension is a simple double wrap around Elise’s waist which then acted as a hip harness.  Notice, Elise tied the knot completing the wrap around her stomach.  This narrow wrap on Elise’s hips is very uncomfortable as the primary support in a suspension.  Although some models, like Ellise, can tolerate it for a short time, some can’t tolerate it at all.  The way he tied her hands works only in special and fun performances like this with experienced performers.  It is not appropriate for a typical shibari scene.

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Shibari Performance II by Gorgone and Alice V

Gorgone is a beautiful and talented shibari model.  She is also a very talented and accomplished shibari rigger.

This video is Gorgone’s and Alice’s performance at Booze Cooperativa (Upstairs) in Greece.  Gorgone puts Alice in several classic shibari positions, and uses some BDSM type techniques typical of many shibari performances. Continue reading

Gorgone – a self suspension shibari demonstration by Gorgone

Not only is Gorgone a beautiful and talented shibari model, she is also a very accomplished shibari rigger.  In this video she demonstrates a self suspension.

As pointed out by the video director, Hope Plescia, — “Here, the power play dynamic between dominant and submissive, model and rigger, are dealt with internally through one woman’s exploration.”

The suspension includes a hip harness and single column ties.

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A Private Shibari Session – a shibari presentation by ASANAWA Shibaritai & LA GORGONE

This video shows a shibari experience enjoyed by Asanawa and Gorgone.  Gorgone is a beautiful and experienced shibari model.  Her face shows her reactions to the sub space feelings she is experiencing.  Beautiful.

Asanawa creates a nice suspension with a takate kote chest harness, and single column ties to support her legs.  Simple.  Effective.

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