Hip Harness – a Shibari Tutorial by Nina Russ

Chest and hip harnesses, along with single and/or double column ties are key techniques required for shibari suspensions. Here is another hip harness tutorial. This hip harness was created by Nina Russ, who is a beautiful suspension bottom as well as a talented rigger.

This is a very secure harness. It is anchored on the legs and above the hips, so it won’t slip up or down from the buttocks/hip support. And, it has multiple wraps around the body, providing good support.

It can be attached to an overhead hard point from the front center knot and either side. Although there is no obvious attachment point on the back, a rigger can easily create a tie incorporating the two bands around the buttocks and center hips to attach to an overhead suspension hard point.

Enjoy the video.


Here are more videos by and with Nina Russ on youtube.

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