Kinoko Hajime Performs in a New Traditional Shibari Show in 2016

Kinoko Hajime is one of the current Japanese Shibari Superstars.  He is a professional shibari artist who travels around the world doing performances and teaching workshops.  This video was recorded at one of his performances in 2016 at Department H in Tokyo.  His performances are very nice and frequently very theatric with special lighting, etc.  


Enjoy the video after the break.

In this video, his “New” Japanese style of shibari still includes asymmetrical positions and intentionally uncomfortable rope work typical of the classic Japanese style of shibari rigging..  


  Rigger: Kinoko Hajime

Model: Eri Hana

This performance includes a laser show in the form of laser background lights illuminating his model.

Laser Lighting Artist: “MIU”

You can see more of Kinoko Hajime’s work on youtube and his website.

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