Single Column Tie – a shibari tutorial by Twisted Monk

capture_21092016_142943Twisted Monk has posted several good video tutorials on his website.  Here is a basic single column tie by Twisted Monk.  This is a simple tie that can be used as part of a more complex tie. Or, it can be used to simply tie your partner to a bed, etc.  There is a video tutorial after the jump.

Twisted Monk has several more good shibari ties on his website.


2 thoughts on “Single Column Tie – a shibari tutorial by Twisted Monk

  1. Randy

    Very informative.
    Sir I have a question about shibari festivals around the world exhibitions and organizers.Where i could find a schedules of such festivals ? because i would like to attend one in south east Asia.

    1. Gary Post author

      Randy — I have not yet created a listing of shibari festivals around the world. I plan to try and create such a listing. In the meantime, I suggest you pose your question to google search, and follow up the links that come back from google.

      Where specifically in south east asia are you interested?


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