Takate Kote – a Shibari Tutorial by DeGiotto

capture_13092016_144016The Takate Kote or Box Tie is one of the most widely used ties in Japanese Shibari positions.  Here is a very good video tutorial by deGiotto, a Houston based rigger, educator, player, shibari materials supplier, and generally nice guy.   He demonstrates this tie with his long time model/bottom, elise.

There is a video tutorial after the jump.

As deGiotto correctly points out in his video, this tie can be dangerous.  He and I both recommend you get in person instruction from someone who is experienced with this tie.  But. this video tutorial will help you understand the basics of the tie.

You can see more of deGiotto tutorials on his youtube channel here.

Be careful and Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Takate Kote – a Shibari Tutorial by DeGiotto

  1. T-D-P

    I have to say, very nicely done and thank you for the video. I did have a question for anyone with experience really, my wife and I have run into a slight problem. Due to her size, my wife is unable to place her arms parallel to each other behind her back. My fix for this has been a modified TK using a secured set of rope cuffs rather than a single column tie to start out. Are there any suggestions for another possible starting point rather than the locking rope cuffs?


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