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Boola Boola / yuki knot – a Shibari Tutorial by Wykd_Dave

The “Boola Boola” knot is one of the most useful knots in the world of shibari. The knot is designed to complete a wrap around something and NOT to collapse around that object.  It can be used for single or double column ties, tying harnesses to an overhead support, tying to other objects such as a bamboo pole, etc. There are other variations of knots for these purposes, but, this is one of the simplest. If you do shibari rigging, you should learn this knot so you can tie it with you eyes closed.

This knot is demonstrated in a video tutorial by Wykd_Dave, who with his partner, Clover, are excellent United Kingdom based shibari performers and educators. They share their expertise to shibari enthusiasts throughout the world.

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Bowline-based single column tie – a shibari tutorial by MaillerPhong

A single column tie is one of the basic ties all shibari riggers must know.  This tie can also be used to attach harnesses (chest, body, hip, etc.) to overhead supports.

This post includes a video after the break where MaillerPhong demonstrates his simple and effective technique for creating this powerful tie. Continue reading

Single Column Tie – a shibari tutorial by Twisted Monk

capture_21092016_142943Twisted Monk has posted several good video tutorials on his website.  Here is a basic single column tie by Twisted Monk.  This is a simple tie that can be used as part of a more complex tie. Or, it can be used to simply tie your partner to a bed, etc.  There is a video tutorial after the jump.

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