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Falling Angel — Behind the Scenes Shibari Art by Hikari Kesho

Some shibari enthusiasts enjoy creating shibari art.  One of the best in the world is famous Italian fashion photographer and shibari rigger Alberto Lisi, aka Hikari Kesho.

This video shows the “guerilla shibari” activity required to create a beautiful shibari living sculpture by Hikari Kesho in S. Marco Square in Venice.

Enjoy his video after the break.
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Hikari Kesho creates a shibari inspired work of art at “The Hall of Justice”

Some people like to use shibari techniques with their model to create works of art.  They use ropes to help their model get into positions they could not do without the ropes, creating living sculptures.  

Alberto Lisi, aka Hikari Kesho, is an Italian rigger and famous fashion photographer.  He is one of the best shibari riggers and photographers in the world, and regularly creates works of art with shibari rigging.

This is a behind the scenes video showing his use of shibari rigging to create a “living sculpture”, — a work of art. 

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BTS – Hikari Kesho’s “Among Ginkgo Biloba Leaves” image

There are special problems for all involved when creating an image outside the privacy and convenience in a photography studio.

This very nice picture will be exhibited by Hikari Kesho at the Art of Contemporary Shibari Exhibit during the Fotofest 2012 Biennial in Houston, Texas. Continue reading