Mature Content Warning

While within artistic context, this website and blog contains material only suitable for Mature Viewers.  It contains images with nudity and shibari type positions.  These images are Not Safe For Work (NSFW).

If you are under the age of 18 or if nudity offends you, please do not enter and please leave now.

Otherwise, enjoy our art.


 The Art of Contemporary Shibari Exhibit

This website contains information about contemporary Shibari themes including The Art of Contemporary Shibari Exhibit which was a multi-media exhibit including still photography, video, and live performance art by photographers, riggers and models for the Fotofest 2012 Biennial.

In 2012, this exhibit was the largest exhibit of Contemporary Shibari Art in the world.  It still is today.  You can see the art displayed by world class Shibari Artists by clicking on their individual names.  Here are links to participating Artists.


Worldwide Shibari Activities

Shibari activity has and continues to become increasing popular around the world.  In this section, you can find articles and links to activities by global shibari participants.